== Charity number 527118 ==

The Baylies Educational Foundation gives educational grants to suitable applicants, under the age of twenty five, living in Dudley in the West Midlands.

The Foundation was originally created by two brothers, Samuel and Robert Baylies and their sister Anne in 1732. They were prominent citizens in Dudley and wished to create a school for boys in the town. This school was built in Pease Lane (what is now Tower Street) and then rebuilt in 1823. The building still exists today and can be recognised by the statues of two pupils in their distinctive blue coats in niches on the front of the building. It now houses an auction house.

The School continued to give an education to boys until the middle of the twentieth century. Two hundred and thirty pupils could be taught – admittedly in cramped classrooms -, seventy five wearing uniforms provided by the Foundation! Following the closure of the School, the endowment of the Foundation has been used to provide grants to help young people from Dudley with their education.

During a typical year up to a hundred grants may be made. These will range from assisting with the costs of a university or college education, travel costs, educational trips at home and abroad, school uniforms, to grants to improve a talent in music, the arts or sport. Help has been given to unemployed people to retrain, to others with family difficulties that affect their educational requirements, and even to schools for playground equipment.

All the Trustees ask is that there is a requirement that cannot be satisfied elsewhere and the need is special. Applicants should show that they have made an effort to satisfy their need and that it is greater than for others.

Application forms or further details can be obtained at the address shown below, or click here for a form.