== Registered Charity Number 254928 ==

The Dudley Charity was formed in 1987 by the consolidation of a number of small charities in Dudley that had common aims.

The earliest of these charities dates back to 1659 founded under the will of Jasper Cartwright that with two others became known as The Bread Charities. This was joined with the nineteenth century charities of John Tandy, Elizabeth Hinckes and Mrs Parnell Taylor with also the nineteenth century charities known as the Clothing Charities and finally an old charity relating to Robert Baylies.

Applications are welcomed either generally or individually from persons resident in the Borough of Dudley who are in condition of need, hardship or distress.

Grants are made of money or by providing or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce need, hardship or distress.

Examples of the types of grants considered are:

For an application form click here or write to the address shown below. When applying please provide any appropriate estimates, recommendations or other information not included on the application form.