== Registered Charity Number 1068492 ==

The charity was originally endowed in the early nineteenth century by Daniel Parsons, a local nail ironmonger, to provide a school for poor children in Dudley. The charity now offers grants for the promotion of education to all persons under twenty five years of age from Dudley

The charity seeks suitable applicants for grants.

Eligible candidates must be under the age of twenty five, being or having been educated in Dudley and living or having parents living in Dudley.

The grants are for educational purposes and within these parameters the Trustees will consider assistance to gain or develop any type of academic, artistic or athletic skill.

We cannot help anyone who could obtain the same support from the State or any other source. As a charity, originally endowed to educate poor children, we are more inclined to aid the less well off and do not usually enter into long term commitments.

For an application form, click here or write to the address shown below. The application is more likely to succeed if the form is returned with a supporting letter detailing the nature of the proposed course of study or project for which you are seeking the grant and your reasons for wanting to take part.