== Registered Charity Number 217516 ==

The charity was created in 1904 by Reginald Unwin Dudley; a silk mercer in Dudley who had a shop in the Market Place close to what is now The Fountain Arcade.

Originally the Charity was called The Reginald Unwin Dudley Highland Road Homes and consisted of four houses close to Highland Road for the benefit of elderly people from Dudley.

In 1980 the houses were sold and the charity was reformed as The Reginald Unwin Dudley Charity. The object of the charity is to relieve either generally or individually persons resident in the Borough of Dudley who are in condition of need, hardship or distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons.

Over the years this has included many items such as clothing, household appliances, respite holidays, funeral expenses, course fees, nebulizers, computers and software, wheelchairs and so many more.

The Trustees will consider any request and whilst not a wealthy charity are always looking for suitable applicants. For an application form, click here or write to the address shown below. The application is more likely to succeed if the form is returned with a supporting letter detailing the nature of the need for which you are seeking the grant.